Washroom Services

Washroom Services

Whether your washrooms are for staff or customers, it is essential you provide them with clean, pleasant and hygienic facilities.

Whilst people may not take note of a well-cared for washroom, many will notice one that is poorly maintained. Unpleasant odours, a lack of toilet roll holders, sub-standard sanitary disposal facilities or poor hand washing facilities can reflect badly on your organisation.

An uncared for washroom can also have a detrimental effect on employee morale, as well as potentially leading to increased sick days through poor hygiene. WMS Support Services understands the importance of a clean and well-maintained washroom.

That is why we provide a service that takes care of equipment including air fresheners and sanitary bins. These little things may be a distraction to your staff, but they can make a big difference in creating a pleasant environment.

WMS Support Services provide responsible products that are kinder to our environment.

Urinal Management

By fitting a Sensaflush II®, our unique, sensor-activated, wireless urinal water management device, the flow of water into the cistern, via the DEFRA-approved solenoid valve, is managed based on the usage of the washroom.

Our water management system works on ‘real-time programming’ and can be set according to your opening hours and to a desired frequency of flushing, triggered when someone is in the washroom using the urinal.

If a unit is set to flush 30 minutes after sensing someone in the washroom, throughout a 10-hour day, 5 days a week, water usage is dramatically reduced. Savings between £300 and £400 can be made on a 15-litre cistern flushing just 3 times an hour.

You can actually save up to 90% of water as you are only using water when it is needed – saving what would usually be wasted.

The unit is installed by WMS Support Services technicians, and we provide regular maintenance in London and throughout the UK.


Cubicle Services

Our cubicle products and services are designed to help you easily and efficiently create and maintain a smart, clean and hygienic washroom. We ensure sanitary waste is disposed of safely and with respect to the environment, whilst complying with all waste stream legislation.

All of our sanitary disposal units incorporate a powerful, natural germicide spray that is exclusive to our bins. This provides long-lasting protection against HIV, Hepatitis B and also Hepatitis C, and tackles bad smells with a subtle, yet effective fragrance.

With its unobtrusive, low-profile design and an auto option with infrared automatic opening, these are ideal for all cubicles, including those for disabled users, and help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

With a wide range of styles and sizes available including lockable bins, we can advise you based on your facility and the footfall of washroom visitors. Contact us on contact@wmsss.co.uk or 01279 887 111.


We tailor our services to your requirements to give you the best possible solution.
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