Pest Control

Whatever the nature of your business, you need to safeguard it
and its workforce. This includes avoiding pests which can lead
to hefty penalties and even closure.

WMS Support Services can prevent and remove pests and related threats, such as contamination, infestation and bites, with our pest management services in London, Reading, Luton and the South West.

We meet you in person to discuss and understand your concerns, and provide solutions based on your requirements, at competitive rates.


Trusted Professionals

WMS Support Services only employs experienced technicians, who approach their work with the utmost diligence. Our operatives are fully trained and insured and only use licensed pest control products.


Pest Control And Prevention Services

The WMS Support Services rapid response service delivers targeted treatment for infestations. Alternatively, you may require a service providing a detailed audit and risk assessment prior to treatment.

We do our best to work around your business hours to minimise disruption. However, our emergency service may require immediate access to buildings to treat pest issues with precision.


For Optimum Results, Choose From Our Services:               

  • Pest prevention – We provide early warnings for rat, mice and insect threats as well as a rapid response service.
  • Specialist bird control and prevention– Spiking, scaring, netting, fouling clearance and biocide treatments are just a few of our bird control methods.
  • Flying insect control– For optimum protection from risk to health and safety, we provide commercial glue boards and ‘zapper’ units.
  • Fly screening– Fly screening in your restaurant, kitchen or warehouse can help minimise insect problems, maintaining high standards of health and safety.

FREE Pest Control Risk Survey

Why not take advantage of our FREE Risk Survey to identify potential threats. At no charge to you, the assessment could help get your business the critical protection it needs.

Email us today at or call 01279 887 111.


We tailor our services to your requirements to give you the best possible solution.
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