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Keeping Your Pub Clean

Having a clean pub is the ultimate way to get more service. A clean pub is very inviting to customers, and as a result, they are likely to then want to go back and tell their friends and family about it. It can be a challenge to keep a pub clean, however, with the right team, it will be a piece of cake. If you’re looking for an excellent and professional team, then pub cleaning in London will be able to help. They will make sure your pub is spotless.


Organise Glasses in Size Order

Organising the glasses in size order will make it much easier to find the right sized glass quickly. This will be especially useful on a busy Saturday night. As the orders come in, you’ll be able to keep up knowing exactly where each sized glass is. To be extra organised you can also order the glasses in a brand order, for example, J2O, Carlsberg or Fosters.  


Organise The Drinks 

Arranging the drinks based on their contents will also make it much easier to find each drink quicker. They could be ordered in the volume of alcohol or in order of what they are. For example, spirits, wines, beers or whiskeys. This could then be alphabetised, making it even easier to serve drinks. Having a clear understanding of where each drink is, will optimise bar sales and keep the bar much tidier.


Topped Up Utensil Pots

Topping up the napkin and straw containers not only makes the pub presentable, but it also makes it a lot tidier and cleaner. Having a tidy pub is a much more inviting site than a messy one. As customers walk in they don’t want to see the room in a mess with no stock, they’ll want to see a neat bar and a clean environment. Keep it tidy by ensuring that there are always plenty of straws, napkins and drinks accessible to customers. Facilities management in London can help your pub and offer it a professional and high-quality cleaning.


Clean Bar Mats

When you’re at the bar, you don’t want to put your arms or your phone down on a wet, dirty mat! You want to be able to relax at a clean, non-sticky bar. To ensure customers get the best experience in your pub make sure you keep your bar mats clean. Rubber mats are often best as they can be easily wiped down. However, during a busy night, you might want to keep an eye on the mats and change them every couple hours to keep them clean as clean as you can.  

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